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I'm Struggling Since Long | Any Hope To Be An Actor?

Failing due to no inborn acting talent
Struggling Actor Trying To Commit Suicide

Your Struggle And Failure Is Because You Are A Fool

Did you ask your parents, elderly family members, your childhood friends or can recollect If You Had Inborn Acting Talent?

You had an idiotic dream to be an actor and just jumped!.

Never bothered to do any research on Internet on requirements and what is required to fulfill those conditions.

Like a jerk, spending money and time with no industry knowledge

Did You Ever Imagine Your Failure Could Be Because Of  No Inborn Talent And Never Bothered To Train Yourself To Develop Talent?

Inborn Acting Talent Helps You To Be An Actor Easily

  • Acting is a talent something you are born with. It can be polished and you can be great. But talent doesn't promise success
  • Acting is a born talent (of varying degrees) that can be polished. The amount of polishing needed varies from person to person. The desire to act is NOT necessarily in proportion to the talent to act. The reasons people desire to act very, falling loosely into these categories: a desire for fame, for money, for glamor, for fulfillment, for self-expression, a love for the ART of acting, or because acting is a necessity like food and water. But the bottom line is that if you are born with a talent for acting, you can not lose that talent and may become easier for you to be an actor.
  • However, it is absolutely essential to get a proper professional training, preferably by a good acting coach, especially if you are a beginner

18 Signs You Were Born to Be an Actor


  1. You could dance before you could walk.
  2. You were a very expressive baby (Smile, Make faces, Laugh loudly, Move head etc).
  3. Even the most ordinary tasks are performed with great focus and intensity.
  4. You are the one who always has to make the speech, mimic, dance or sing at important family functions, birthday parties, during recess in school with classmates and other school functions
  5. You taught yourself how to raise one eyebrow, make faces, change voice just so that you could be more dramatic.
  6. You loved tp participate in school's plays
  7. Your teachers noticed your acting talent and always recommended you
  8. You never were really good at sports.
  9. You were emotional, cried and laughed easily and people just couldn't handle you.
  10. You were a  complex child and later a complex person with many sides to your personality.
  11. You have always been very sensitive to the latest fashions.
  12. You sometimes forget that your openness and outgoing personality does not always fit the situation.
  13. You have always liked to be photographed and that too with different poses and moods.
  14. You were jealous of your sibling with if more attention given to him/her.
  15. You really know how to party.
  16. You are always conscious of how you look.
  17. You have full command of your range of emotions.
  18. Basically, you were born to be great.

However, it doesn't mean if you don't have Inborn Acting Talent, can't be an actor. An aspiring actor will require a regular training till you die, passion, determination, and dedication.

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