3 Questions By A Star To Struggling Actors And His Advice

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Acting workshop in Mumbai addressed by a top Bollywood Star
Acting workshop in Mumbai addressed by a top Bollywood Star

Do You Know What's Your Job As An actor?
Does It Solely Happen In Front Of Camera Or On stage?
Or Is Acting Job is All-Around, Varied, And Fulltime?

The above  3 questions asked by a Bollywood star, invited to address to the group of aspiring actors in a workshop (Name is kept confidential, as requested).
This post is based on  the advice he gave to the group

As an actor, you have to realize your job doesn’t depend and happen solely in front of the camera or onstage. Your job is all-around, varied and full-time. You’ve got to give as much attention to personal acting coaching or school, auditions, exercises at home or the gym, portfolio, marketing and career promotion, meeting people, rehearsals, and wardrobe as you do to your actual on-set performance. That means showing up on time. When you’re late or unprepared, it communicates that your time is more important than the other person’s time, and shows a great lack of respect for others.

Time Management is one of the important areas usually neglected by actors
Why Time Management is Important To Become A Successful Actor?


Time is limited

Everyone gets the same amount of time each day, and it's limited, therefore it's important to make the most of your time if you ever want to be more than average at highly competitive acting business where thousands aspiring actors (Maybe better than you) are desperately trying for the same break in Bollywood |TV as you.

You can get more with less effort

When you learn to take control of your time, you improve your ability to focus. And with increased focus comes enhanced efficiency, because your mind doesn't get distracted and wander. You’ll start to complete your tasks more quickly

Can make better decisions

There are many choices in acting life and oftentimes we're faced with many choices to choose from at the same time. When you practice good time management, you have more time to breathe and think more objectively; this allows you to determine which choices are the best to make.

You become a disciplined actor

When you practice good time management in your life, you are less likely to delay or postpone things. Time management leads to your higher work output and leads to a disciplined life.

Defeat competition and become more successful
Time management is the key to success; it allows you to take a better control of your acting life rather than follow the others. You accomplish more, you make better decisions, and you work more efficiently; this leads to a success.

You learn more. Become important

When you control your time and work more efficiently, you have time to plan and spend it on learning and learning regularly. More, you can spend time in like industry networking, acting workshops, follow ups with artist coordinators, help production, direction etc.  There's a reason some aspiring actors learn earlier, better and cash opportunities better than competitors, so easily plan to implement time management throughout their entire career. You'll not only stand out from the rest, but you'll gain experience much faster and be able to move up to be a Bollywood actor a lot sooner.

You reduce an actor's anxiety and stress

The phrase "I have so much to do and so little time to do it" is generally spoken of frustration which leads to anxiety and stress. Another reason of stress is due to people feeling pushed and rushed! With good time management, you know how much time you have, how long it will take to get your tasks done, you accomplish more, and have more free time. This gives you more breathing room, which reduces the feeling of being rushed, which in turn leads to less frustration and stress.

Leads you to attain a true Happiness

We all need some free time to relax, have happy moments with friends, love mate, well-wishers and unwind but, unfortunately, many of us don't get much free time because we're too busy trying to desperately meet with our daily activities and workload. By implementing time management skills, you are able to get more done in a shorter period of time leading to more free time to lead a truly happy life.

My conclusion

That said, I know shit happens as we’re all human. But often this behavior is the tip of the “deeper issues” inside an actor.
Would you even think of being
A. late to set
B. not knowing your lines?

  • Your behavior in these areas is indicative of how you value yourself and those around you.
  • Don’t give casting directors at meetings and auditions and directors on the set an excuse to have second thoughts about you.

If you want to succeed as an actor in this chaotic and ruthless competitive world of acting, learn how to be "Professional" in all the departments of "Success Requirements For An Actor".
If you do not know, read here. This is absolutely essential if you want to create opportunities for "Your Success" and not for "A Failure"


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