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Failure in Auditions? No Entry in Bollywood? 6 Success Tips

Auditions for a film
MTV Hero Honda Auditions. Many failed
Thousands of young men and women with a dream to become an actor in Bollywood come to Mumbai and in spite of getting a professional training in a school,  fail to get an entry into Bollywood. Why?

Of course, there are many factors contributing to this disappointment, but one of the major ones is a failure in auditions. Forget about getting a role, they don’t get even a callback (a 2nd interview).

When some of these aspiring actors approached me, complaining that though they had attended dozens of auditions, they don’t get the job. However, when they followed seriously what I had recommended, surprisingly, many of them succeeded in bagging a role either in a film or a serial or in a commercial.  

Therefore, I strongly recommend studying these suggestions properly and training your self accordingly.

If you're not getting as many acting callbacks as you'd like, check out these audition tips as you prepare your next acting auditions. These audition tips will be useful whether you attend a theater, film or commercial audition.

1. When to arrive at the Casting Call

  • Make sure you arrive at your acting audition 15-20 minutes early. This will give you time to freshen up, fill out any audition forms and prepare your lines or your monologue. 
  • Make sure you have your portfolio and resume (in case required) in hand before you walk in the audition room. Auditions are typically around 5 minutes long, you don't want to use up that precious time fishing around your bag for your headshots.

2. I get nervous

The more important the acting audition, the more that's likely to happen. Here's a few audition tips on how to turn performance anxiety into self-confidence:

Don’t mix with other actors. Camera or stage fright is contagious, plus you don't want to compare yourself to an actor auditioning for the same part as you. Create your own space and try to shut out the world around you so you can prepare and focus.

Relax with exercise. If you went to acting school or to a private acting coach, you probably have worked on relaxation and breathing exercises. Now's the time to use them. Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly from your midsection, letting go of tension in a different part of your body with each breath, from head to toe.

3. How to concentrate

Relaxation and breathing exercises should help you to get rid of nervousness. Now use your audition piece to completely focus. Imagine you're the character in your audition piece. Try to remember as the character what you had for breakfast or what you did yesterday. Think as the character about the people you love, those you hate, those you're having a conflict with. Play in your mind what just happened before the audition scene or monologue you're about to perform..

4. Think you got the role. 

As an actor, our imagination is our greatest strength. Imagine you've got the role and you're coming in to rehearse. This audition tip will help if a lack of self-confidence is making you nervous.

Let's enter the audition room...
Entering an audition room

5. Make a good First Impression


A smile is worth a thousand words and will help relax you and your audience. Imagine a friend in place of the auditioner(s) and greet them with a warm confident smile.

An eye contact

Sometimes, when we're nervous, we tend to look away, so make sure to look people in the eye when you speak.

Check your body language

Don't let the awkwardness of standing in front of so called seated "judges" make you fidget or cross your arms or do any of the other inappropriate signs of an uncomfortable actor. There is tremendous power in stillness.
You can use an approach like the Alexander Technique to center yourself.
(The Alexander technique teaches actors how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during their activities. It is an educational process rather than a relaxation technique or form of exercise)

Take the lead

Don't wait for something to happen. When you enter the room, greet everyone and introduce yourself. If you are in a film or commercial audition, find your mark and stand on it.

6. Don’t

Don't rush...

Talk to the auditioner if you have a question. For example, if you don’t know where to look (If it is a camera audition).  When you ask a question, wait for an answer.

But don't linger

The goal is to make a good impression. A casting director will not appreciate you putting them behind schedule, plus your audition monologue could be cut short as a result. Commercial auditions are particularly fast.

Don't make excuses

Don't preamble your audition piece with something like, "I only had an hour to prepare this audition piece, so bear with me" or "I'm not too well today". Actors make these statements all the time and they never help them make a good impression. Just do the best you can.

Don’t be too eager to shake hands

Some casting directors don't like to shake actors' hands. If they extend out their hands, great. If not, a friendly smile from you will make contact just as well as a handshake.
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  1. I really like when you mentioned taking lead on tip number 5 to make a lasting impression. Another thing you mentioned in tip 5 was that you should be conscious of your body language. This is something they look for at an audition. I usually get really nervous right before hand. I am definitely going to use the relaxation, exercise before, and breathing techniques outlined in tip two. Thanks so much for all of these ideas!

  2. Thanku so much.. it's helpful.. but I dont know if I have to prepare my own script or they give us? And how to prepare own scripts?

  3. What is the professional way to get the information about the Bollywood Auditions?


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