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7 Questions to Test if you can be an Actor or a Failure

Good actor or a bad one
Can you be a good actor or has mental problems?

Few days back, I met a psychologist in Bandra west in Mumbai who had some Bollywood actor clients with some personality problems and their career had taken a downhill course. Therefore, he knew the inner working of an artistic mind and was kind enough to give me a short quiz to give to actors under my coaching.
Of course I made minor changes, keeping in view the type of aspiring actors coming to me, however, the principals remain the same

  • Based on what you feel about you and how would you respond, just tick one out of A B or C
  • Be honest to yourself.
  • The scoring grid is at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

1) A good friend tells you he just purchased a new motorbike. You respond:

A. I haven’t had an audition in two weeks.
B. That reminds me, I need to buy a bike, too.
C. Congratulations. What kind of bike did you buy?

2) You audition for a role in a comedic short film. After a few days you call your coordinator who tells you that casting director didn’t think you were funny. You respond:

A. Ok, can you get me another audition?
B. I my good in comedic roles. The casting director doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
C. Sorry to hear that. Can you recommend a good coach?

3) Your coordinator calls to explain she won’t be available for a month because her mother passed away and she has to leave town. You respond:

A. I think I should change my coordinator. What do you think?
B. But who will look out for my career while you’re gone?
C. I am so sorry for your loss. Is there anything I can do?

4) During rehearsals for a short film, the director wants to know if you have any questions about the character. You respond:

A. Do you think other directors and producers will see this film?
B. I feel like my character should have more lines.
C. No, because your notes have been very helpful.

5) You arrive 20 minutes late for an audition. The casting director frowns when you walk in. You respond:

A. Do you mind if I change the lines?
B. It’s not my fault. There was an accident and some idiot got killed on the road. I got held up in traffic.
C. I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.

6) You missed a great audition because you left your town. Your coordinator is upset. When you come back and call her. He yells at you. You respond:

A. Can you get me in on audition of that new commercial ad you were talking about?
B. They should just offer me the part. I’m so right for it.
C. I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.

7) Which of the following words best describe you? Selfish, self-centered, arrogant, or none of the above.

A. I’m what I’m. Just real.
B. I can play all those characters.
C. None of the above.

Now it’s time to analyze your score. Give yourself one point for
Every A, two points for every B, and three points for every C.

  • If you scored between 7 and 10, you have a serious personality problem and you should seek help from a good acting coach who knows psychology as well, or from a psychologist immediately.
  • If you scored between 11 and 18, you have too much of self-centered tendencies who is boastful and seeks self-admiration. You need to learn there are other people in this world besides you.
  • If you scored between 19 and 21, you’re a well-adjusted person and your chances of success as an actor is excellent.

Now that you’ve got some insight into yourself, please adjust or work on yourself accordingly.
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