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12 Precautions on How to Work with A Director

Here is a top film director Priyadarshan from south India
  1. Be professional, don't lose your cool, antiquates or manners, irrespective of what happens to you.
  2. Give 100% attention on what he/she says
  3. Get the meaning of what he/she says.If you don't understand, ask and ask till you are clear. Do not be shy about asking. Let him/her comment "Kya yaar, Etna bhi nahin malum?"
  4. Many a times a director doesn't know, cannot explain or doesn't have time. No matter what happens, GIVE YOUR BEST.
  5. Don't nod all the times and say "yes" "yes"
  6. When the director says "Action", don't wait or worry about your lines or anything else. Just Start... Be in Action! Things will fall in shape
  7. Remember, the MORE YOU THINK, LESS YOU FEEL
  8. While rehearsing, if the director says "change it to this or that way", then do it. Don't feel bad about it, He/she may be looking for some other alternative and doesn't mean that your earlier "action' was bad
  9. Don't start before "Action" and don't stop before "Cut"
  10. When the job is over, thank him/her including AD(Asstt Director),  Producer, if present, Cinematographer and others. Must know how to contact them later and make a point to meet or talk to them at least once a month 
  11. You are likely to be hired again when you perform even in the absence of a direction or suggestions
  12. Remember, in India, TV episodic or serial directors have no time, especially for non established artists


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