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How To Make Big Money And Learn Acting By Film/TV Ads

Commercial ad example Indian idol
Commercial ad example Indian idol

Are you ready to learn acting free, earn lots of money, but ready to struggle in a stiff requirement?
6 questions and answers

Commercials on TV, Video channels and on other advertising sources  and are a great way for you to practice your acting craft. You can work on your “improvisation” acting techniques ie playing a scene without a written script (Improv)  skills, make great money, and make invaluable connections with influential people in the industry. However, due to stiff requirements and competition it can be difficult to get started in commercial ads work.
How you can break into commercial ads work and start promoting commercial products . We took a survey of some of the directors attached to production houses of commercial ads and   asked them the following questions:

1. How can actors can get jobs in commercials/commercial acting?

A clearly defined “look.”

Imagine a 20-year-old with unshaven face actor, a bad fitting dress, facial marks or tattoos,and high heals funny shoes. Now imagine a clean-shaven 50-year-old actor with white hair, expensive dress or suit, and glasses. There may be more roles available for the 20-year-old, but the 50-year-old is going to have a higher success chance due to cultivating a clearly defined “look.

Action: Create a “look” by working on your body, face, dress and etiquette code and then define your “Type”. 

An improv (Improvisation background) natural ability or training.

Many commercials ads may not require actors to speak, but almost all require actors to have the ability to think fast on their feet, entertain, or simply create, in most cases, into something worth watching. Though an improv background is not mandatory, many casting directors certainly look to actors with this improvisation ability for their commercial ad projects.

Action: Learn this acting technique of “Improv”(Improvisation) from your school or better if you have a personal coach

2. Can actors learn auditioning and earn money as well?

Yes. Commercials ads are a great way to practice auditioning, get used to being on set, and make good money.

Action: Identify school, workshops or a personal coach to take a special commercial ad and “improv” training. Learn audition skills. Many commercial auditions are improvisations, and working on these skills will prove invaluable. In addition to training your skills, meet experienced commercial ad actors in auditions who may give you tips, recommendations, or referrals that you may not know.

Buy these 2 books for how to prepare for commercial ads auditions

3. What are the right ways to better chances getting selected in commercial ads? 

  1. To figure out the “Type” of actor or character required (age, physical attributes, looks, behavior etc) 
  2. Find out what types of roles and what types of commercials they would be best for you. The best way to do that is to watch commercials and find the type of actors that are most similar to the characters in an ad.


  1. Find out your type: How do you look, behave (Your attitude)?Think of all of the films and TV shows you’ve seen and start to notice how you would describe all the characters you see in just a few words and where do you fit in. 
  2. Make a good portfolio. They should keep ready a "resume cum headshot" (resume to be clipped at the back of the headshot) to be submitted to the production houses/ model coordinators
head shot and resume to be clipped on the back
headshot and resume to be clipped on the back

4. Should actors have excellent acting skills for commercial ads?

May help but not really necessary.
The danger is some actors have a tendency to show off their acting ability when they appear for auditions irrespective of type of an audition resulting into focusing the character rather than the product they are promoting

Here are the facts

Learn acting for commercial ads
Remember, in commercial ads you are a medium to sell a product or a concept and not just a character. It's a question of how good are you as a medium rather than an actor. How well you can tell and show a story (product) is more important.

  1. In commercial acting, they are buying your special magic and consider your inner self, your essence. Therefore, sometimes you don't even need much acting experience if you have “a look” suitable for their script's character and can light up in front of the camera. 
  2. But good acting is still a plus and you can also learn lots of tips watching commercial ads on TV and in other media like video channels

Action: There are some artist (Modeling) coordinators in Mumbai (nowadays, a so-called casting director) primarily for commercial ads.

Here are some. Register

5. How much an actor or a model can earn?

It depends on the budget a production house has or on a client and the product.
However, in the Indian commercial ad business, depending on the reputation of a saleable value of an actor. it could be anywhere from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50,000,000 (5 crores for actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra and so on) for each ad

6. Which commercial ads production houses actors/ models can contact directly?

Details of most of the commercial ad production houses can be found by visiting this site:

Important individual commercial ad production houses

Partly based on

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