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Why Everybody Should Learn Acting to Be A Hit And Be Happy

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Why to learn acting for happier life

Why You Fail And Are Morose In Life?
Why The Art Of Pretending Can Make You Successful And Happy?
Why Everyone Should Learn Acting For Life?
How Everyone Can Learn Acting Free To Feel Achiever and Jubilant?

 Acting For Life By Acting  At Its Best

I’ve had many responses during my career as an acting and a life coach and consequently, I have been nudged into exploring one big, basic question that seems to come up in every response – whether explicit or implied – “What, exactly, is acting and why do I recommend everybody to learn to be successful and happy?”

This seems to be a simple question that should have a simple answer in 2 steps:

1. What, exactly, is acting?

Acting is pretending to be someone or something else.
That’s it, right?
Or, if you want to get a little more specific: Acting is when an individual takes on the role, behavior, attitudes, etc. of another person, perhaps in a scripted environment like a play or film.
Maybe. Or in life(?)

2. Why do I recommend everybody to learn to be successful and happy

But if acting is merely pretending to be someone else, then anyone can do it. As a matter of fact, we all do it – every day.

Just think the purpose of our life

  • Success, recognition, love, happiness, a bliss, longevity, good health, acceptance, wealth, material comforts etc.?
  • And to achieve this we try hard consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we succeed sometimes we fail to lead to dissatisfaction, frustrations, anxiety, fear and finally unhappiness

The fact of life and acting

Seriously, can you actually get through a day without a moment of acting – of pretense? Perhaps you are not pretending to be someone else. But, how often in one day do you pretend? How often do you hide your truth? (The dictionary definition of pretending: “to act as if something were true”).
For example, how often do you pretend to be pleased, or disappointed, or interested? How often do you hide your impatience, annoyance, anger or fear? We all do this. It’s a central part of the human condition. Sometimes it’s a matter of survival. Pretending is a technique we use to maneuver the rapids of daily existence. And this makes us all actors – to an extent. And then we could discuss those moments when we are accused of acting, of faking it, pretending or lying. And you know how often you can recognize when someone is not being authentic, honest, or truthful. Acting is a part of our lives, every day.
Sanford Meisner eloquently stated: “Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” For a common man, this means “pretending”
In day to day life, this statement is how wonderfully simple, direct and true. But, what does it really mean? What does ‘living truthfully’ really entail?

Is Learning Acting And Pretending Difficult?

To achieve success and happiness I know, for myself, how difficult it is to live truthfully (or honestly) day-to-day, or moment-to-moment. I know how often I hide, pretend, or manipulate or disguise our own truth. Yet, we have to recognize that that modification of our deeper truth is, indeed, the truth of who we are in “that moment”.

So what do we do to make this truthful pretense simple?

  1. Learn acting techniques
  2. Know who you are; your emotions, attitudes and what triggers your set reactions, body language, gestures, walk etc.
  3. Exercise to make yourself neutral, an empty slate to write and to act instantly to achieve your objective
  4. Understand your instrument for success and happiness ie Body and Mind
  5. And learn how to change and sharpen this instrument

  • Read and practice 210+ posts from this blog. Search Labels at the top of home page or type keyword like "emotions", "body language", Mental health" and so on, in the search box on the top of right sidebar and get the post
  • You will learn acting for sure, and when you apply acting techniques in your day to day life, you will be a successful and happiest soul on the earth!

Start today NOW!
Read this blog regularly
Visit my incredible free acting blog, read all 200+ articles one by one daily and practice
Good Luck For A Successful And Happy Life

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