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Requirements To Become An Actor | Know And Be One | Video

SActing Coaching Batch

What Are The Requirements And What To Do To Meet Them?

For Learning Acting-Whether A School Or An Acting Coach?

Who  Is The Top Acting Coach In India?

What Are The Acting Courses And Fees?

How To Contact An Acting Coach?

Mistakes Committed By Beginners

  1. No research was done and no plan prepared
  2. Forgetting the camera
  3. Acting with the voice and not with the body
  4. Acting too close to their own personality
  5. Voice and speech-diction, articulation and volume
  6. Camera or stage fright
  7. Not remaining in character when something goes wrong
  8. Falling on excuses
  9. Interrupting and not taking director’s instructions seriously
  10. Quitting early without knowing the struggle period

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