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Thousands Have Failed | Which One Is Next?

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Learning emotions and attitudes
Learning emotions and attitudes in my private  coaching

 Or Get Ably Trained

Here is the answer How Not Be In Those Thousands Who Have Failed And Roaming On Mumbai Streets!

Lucky words

My lucky words are simple:
"Get professionally trained in acting craft, acting for camera and marketing and promotion of your career". 
Or forget about acting and actor. There are more than 2.5 Lakhs aspiring actors better than each other roaming on the roads of Mumbai and struggling, some even for 10 years!

If You Are A Beginner, Initially Better Join An Acting Coach For Personal "One On One" focused Coaching. Later, You May Join a Good School for scene practices with co-actors, networking and as a source of industry information.

Before you join an acting coach or a school, ask for their syllabus and check if it includes the following topics

Nobody will give you this!

  • What are the requirements to become an actor, especially in India and Bollywood
  • How can I meet these requirements and how an acting coach or a school will help me in fulfilling these requirements
  • A complete understanding of what is an  "Acting and "An Actor"
  • Can I really become a good actor or not-My SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • Action plan for the above
  • Which human parts of the body are responsible to become a good actor
  • The role of body and mind and how to develop them
  • Which are the separate and individual exercises to develop body and mind
  • In-depth script analysis
  • In-depth character analysis and how to create an amazing character
  • Exercises for the above
  • Which are the best acting techniques for how to learn them
  • Exercises on acting techniques
  • How to create my own acting techniques best suited to me
  • Acting for the camera: cinematography, scene and shot, angles, expressing through face and eyes
  • Acting for stage and difference between film and theater acting 
  • Learning different emotions and attitudes of people around us

Key factors to become a good actor

1. Observations (Exercises)
2. The power of imagination (Exercises)
3. Relaxation
4. Sense memory and emotional memory
5. In the moment and situations
6. How to be instantly in a character
7. Memorization
8. Focus without distractions
9. Super confidence
10. Animal exercises
11. Improvisation
12. Auditions and how to grab roles (Exercises)
13. Fighting nervousness, anxiety and fear
14. Marketing and promoting my acting career

General queries to be made by you

  • How are the teaching faculty and their background
  • What is the duration of each session
  • How many students in a class
  • Do the faculty give time to each student
  • Do they give important notes like the list of casting directors, artist coordinators, portfolio studios (photographers), list of free websites to register and promote etc. etc.
  • On average how many passed out students get acting jobs- names and contact No., films or theater plays, their websites etc

The above may not be all but a must in any acting syllabus syllabus
Good Luck

Would you like to be trained by me as your personal and private acting coach?

Read this carefully and decide:

I wish you a good luck to be an actor, for sure!
Join me. This step today will make you a Top Actor tomorrow! 

1.  Main page for complete details

2. Website page for fees, courses, duration, syllabus, registration rules etc 

3. Emails for communication

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