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How To Blow Casting Directors And Actors | Be The Best | 20 Q & A

How to bomb casting directors to your selection
How to bomb casting directors to your selection

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"To my knowledge, never read a single post equivalent to perhaps reading hundreds of sources on how to become an actor. I must for aspiring actors"
~ Danny Denzongpa
Bollywood Celebrity Actor

How to become an actor?

I'm a beginner. How to start?

Can I become an actor learning acting at home and without experience?

What time it takes to be an actor in films and TV in India?

Why the majority of actors Fail?

20 Most Common Questions By Actors And Best Proven Answers

How To Become An Actor

There are thousands of aspiring young man and women in the world who dream to be an actor. They just land up in LA, New York City for Hollywood, or in Mumbai India for Bollywood. Sadly, around 90% go on struggling and fail to be one. Why?
Because, they never had a prior proper knowledge, on cine industry, what are the sure ways to become an actor and how to meet them. There are some requirements which they can prepare and meet them in their towns and villages without just packing and landing up in the cine industry's big towns. The result is a disastrous-a failure!
I have a sure shot solution for those who dream to become an actor.
The questions and answer below is  MUST to read and act upon if they want if you want to become a guaranteed actor


I'm a beginner. How to start?

Empty your mind, Acting for camera, Don't mimic and copy, develop imagination, Read script repeatedly,  read more -HERE


What are the success requirements to be a Bollywood actor and how to meet them?

Build good body, get trained, well spoken Hindi, good portfolio, Build contact, patience, read


What is the difference between acting in theater and film

Theater- live audience at a distance, Exxagerate actions | Film-invisible viewers close to you, subtle performance, read more-HERE


Can I become an actor without experience?

Yes. Read and practice posts of this blog, In front of a full-size mirror, With friends. Read more HERE


Can I become an actor learning acting at Home

Why not?

Learn and practice each post from this blog | Needs total devotion, forget yourself,  go to as many auditions as possible and fail. Learn and improve, observe people and animals, birds, play them at home, watch good movies and learn from actor,
Read more HERE


How can I build a hot body?

Practice simple exercises at home or join gym
Read more HERE


What are the best acting techniques to become star actor

Stanislavski, Sandy Meisner, Alexander.............
Read more HERE


What are the best tips to face a camera in an audition and shoot?

Focus on the camera, Concentrate, Don't shift eyes and face, Be subtle, Don't exaggerate expressions, Speak softly...
Read more HERE


Why many of the actors fail in auditions? What are the mistakes?

Repeatedly say to self you are good, Don't watch others in the waiting room, Don't lose confidence, Don't overthink, Don't overwork on lines...
Read more HERE 


What is acting for the camera?

Film vs Theater, Different shots and angles, Best tips...
Read More HERE


My Hindi is poor. How to improve?

Great tips. Read HERE


What are the true stories of actors Struggle before they became  Bollywood stars

The stories and facts of 18 Bollywood stars. Read More HERE


How to find out if I can be a Bollywood actor or not?

A simple test to know instantly. Read more HERE


What a casting director wants in an audition?

Be natural, Don't try hard and look fake, Be professional, Be respectful...
Read more HERE


Do You Need Artist Card? Authentic and Bogus | Check Here

Do you really need? Do you want to be a worker in the industry? Which are the sources...
Read more HERE


What are monthly living expenses in Mumbai for an aspiring actor?

The suitable places for actors to live, Film and TV industry places, Monthly expenses...
Note: Add 10% to what is shown in 2017
Read more HERE


Which are top modeling and casting agencies in India?

A complete list of agencies with contact website. Read more HERE


What are the free websites in India for Auditions, Casting, Free Ads and Schools



Which are the top Bollywood film/TV directors and Production Houses to meet and avoid cheaters?

A list of top 38. Read more HERE


Can I get contact email of top casting directors?

7best casting directors with 5 Email ID. Read more HERE

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