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You Will Screw Up Your Bollywood Dream If You Don't Read This

Bollywood stars
Do you have great looks and can you do what new Bollywood actors can do?

How can you be a Bollywood star-Impossible till ignorant

I came to Mumbai with my dream to become Bollywood actor but not finding a way? Can you help?~ Mohan Gupta

I lost a lot of money and have no face to show to my parents. I have failed them. you're my only hope~Rita Shinde

How a beginner can become a Bollywood actor? Nobody gives me the right answer. All want money~Arvind Arora, Bhatinda Punjab


My guarantee to become Bollywood actorf

1. Learn the Art of Acting 

You have to learn Art of Acting  Preferably From:
A. National School of Drama Delhi, or Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
B. Any well reputed acting training institute like Whistling  Woods Mumbai, Actor Prepares Mumbai. 
However, If you are a beginner or even an experienced actor and want personal and private attention
The Best Option 
C.   A private one on one acting coach

2. Learning acting and for hands-on experience join and start doing Theater

Start the acting @ your college gathering or @ your area's Play/Drama Group
Note: Many actors in the industry are from the Theater 
Don't Worry! If not handsome doesn't have good body or a hot looking girl 
Each and every Type of artists) are required in this field. (e.g. Om Puri / Rajpal Yadav etc)
You can do it at home also - in front of the Mirror by reading and practicing from this blog!

3. Portfolio 

Make a Portfolio by the Professional Still Photographer
Artist card? If you want to be a good actor, a demand of an artist card may be a fraud. The card may be required only if you want to be just a worker in direction, production, cinematography or in a film-TV studio 

4.  Essential promotional tools required

A. Video introduction, Show-reel or your own short film shot from mobile, Handycam
B. Your website
C. Resume

5. Register as an actor with 3 or 4 good artist coordinators and contact them regularly

6. Start your action

In the beginning, try to  enter 

TV Serials / Live Shows / Movies / Short Films / Student films-from those learning Production or Direction from a training institute. anchoring, music or in dance videos, web series etc with the help of your artist coordinator
Try for Modelling with an Ad-Agency or in Fashion Shows
(But for it you have to build a good physique & increase your Beauty ! )
May enter from a low-level job in any film TV department (production, direction, studio organizer or as an intern with any director as an A.D.), an Assistant of Cameraman / Lights man etc.

7. Accept any opportunity given

Do Any Given Roll - as an extra, no dialog roles, bad man, vamp, 2nd or 3rd villain any character role
even as a single artist or in a group performance - either of a positive or negative Shade
Why? Because only Hero or Heroine is not a movie. It's work of may be 100+ People

8. Apply for auditions which suit to your profile and type. There are many free audition and actors registration websites 

9. Meetings & Auditions

Try to meet with Producers / Directors or with the other film industry people -
Do the Meetings / Give the Auditions with your prepared promotional tools

10. Final 2 questions

Is it "Too Risky"?
Yes ! It is!

It's not easy and job security, You may have to struggle for years before establishing yourself as "a market actor" 

Down To Earth Realities Of Becoming a Bollywood Actor

~As answered by international acting expert

1. You are dreaming of being an actor without knowing realities

Ans: Do research on the internet before you leave your house

2. No knowledge of film |TV or commercial ad industry

Ans: Do research on the internet. Meet industry people or theater in your place

3. Neither a good body or looks

Ans: Build your body at home. Read this blog for home exercises

4. Poor in acting craft and no idea of a need to get self-trained

Ans: Join a good school or an acting coach. If don't have enough money, get self-trained by reading and practicing 250+ posts from this blog in front of mirror or with friends

5. Poor in spoken Hindi and workable English

Ans: Buy CDs, select YiouTube videos befriend actors with the mythological film background, join Hindi and English coaching classes

6. No knowledge of the need for portfolio, resume, showreel, video interview

Ans: Research on the internet, ask other actors and industry crowd

7. Unaware of artist coordinators, casting directors, directors, producers or production houses

Ans: Read relevant posts from this blog by keywords in the search box on the home page. Research on the internet, ask other actors and industry crowd.

8. No idea of a struggle of many years ahead before you get a break. Not studied the struggle stories of Bollywood stars

Ans: There are some good posts in this blog on the struggle stories of Bollywood stars. Please read carefully and understand the struggle required

9. No financial planning and sufficient resource available to live, travel, get trained and struggle in Mumbai for a long period

Ans: Know the expenses (read a post from this blog on living expense in Mumbai). Make an expense budget on yearly basis. If short of money, take up a job (night shift at airport, security officer, part-time jobs, internet survey and other related or join production dept, in a film-TV production company, channels etc) and be a working actor

10. Do does not know how to be a good public relations actor

Ans: Search the internet for how to be and practice body language, voice, posture etc or join an acting coach 

11. Do not know how to market and promote an acting career as a businessman | woman?

Ans: Search this blog (Put keywords in search box on home page and find relevant posts) or ask your acting coach

12. Impatience

Ans: Practice Yoga, relaxation, and auto-suggestion techniques. Join classes or read from this blog  

13. Can not accept repeated rejections at auditions

Ans: Accept the 'rejection' as an unavoidable and necessary evil of 'an actor's life'.

14. No knowledge of time management

Ans: If you fail to plan and manage 'time', it will manage and make you old and date expired in no time. You must schedule daily activities and stick to it.

15. Does not have "a thick skin" to accept neglect, mocked upon and criticism

Ans: Whatever happens in your acting life, good or bad, take it as transient happening and as a fun. Develop other hobbies and skills like singing, dancing, martial arts, social service etc.

16. Do not know how to use social media for career development

Ans: Open account with 'page' at least on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Pinterest. Post daily relevant post. However (Warning), don't get carried away by 'likes'. None of those friends can help you in your acting career. Befriend casting directors, join acting related groups and post news, your activities, your current status, daily experiences etc.

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