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No Chance For You Unless Read 10 Top Posts Among Thousands

How to be a successful actor
Still dreaming with closed eyes how to be a  successful actor?

The beginners, struggling and even market actors are always in a confusion and dilemma on how to get correct information and how to become a good actor. There are thousand of websites, blogs and posts on Internet. Many from small towns, not adequately educated, may not have access or knowledge how surf and search Internet. With just their dreams, want to knock the doors of film and TV industry. They may not realize that more then 90% of aspiring actors commit most silly and serious mistakes thus jeopardizing career and eventually leading a miserable life. Many of websites and posts provide theoretical information or for their own financial benefits.

So, what to do when their questions remain unanswered?


  1. Read, apply or quit acting before you wrack your life
  2. Ultimate 10 posts which will answer all actors questions, create into master of acting craft
  3. Whom and how to contact

1. Top acting schools in India and the best private acting coach

2. Sure ways to become an actor in Bollywood

3. Top 3 casting directors you can contact for acting jobs

4. Call on them and don’t give up. Sure to get good roles in films and TV

5. The ultimate sites to promote acting career

6. The best and top casting agencies in India for actors

7. The most reliable and the best 7 casting directors in India for actors

8. How to select good monologues for winning auditions

9. Learn from the life stories and struggle of 18 Bollywood stars

10. Why an artist card? You are not a menial worker like a sweeper in production

Join us and become a guaranteed star actor

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