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You Will Be Rejected Due To Bad Voice | Read To Develop, Now!

How to improve a bad voice of an actor

A good voice plays a role in auditions, performance in a scene and  networking 

You walk in for an audition and make a first impression on a casting director with-
  1. How you enter with a smiling face or with a poker face?
  2. How you look and how you walk. 
  3. The moment you open your mouth, either you have grabbed the role by 70% or speaking your lines remain just a formality.
A common thing that is overlooked when it comes to acting is how powerful an actor’s voice can be. You see actors can set so much focus on emotions and actions they forget how important their voice can be. There is nothing worse than watching a movie and you find yourself asking  “What did they just say.” There is a script for a reason and people come to hear the show just as much as they came to see it. Speech is a powerful tool and it can assist an actor in achieving objectives in a scene or the production as a whole.
  • Yoga plays a very important role in keeping your throat & voice healthy. Everyday chanting of "OM"'ओ३म्'  or "O Lord Jesus" or "Ya Allah" for 3-4 minutes with full lungs will give similar positive results as mentioned in point number one. You can also perform other Asanas for the throat as "Singasana" and "Bharamri Pranayam" which will clear your throat and keep you away from all problems.
  • One more Yog asana which is the most effective is 'Ujjhayani Pranayam' where the full throat is contracted inside, and a sound is produced in reverse, that is you are producing sound by inhaling in through nose but throat is fully contracted and lips closed. When you breathe in fully, after that you release your throat muscles and release the breath through the left nostril, by holding the right nostril with your right thumb. A very effective way to exercise your tonsils.
  • To have a good feel of your voice and make it more fluent, one of a prestigious voice artist once told me his secret which I am sharing with you, to speak 'om' or simple 'Aaaah' in an earthen pot or a 'mutka'. You can also practice your scripts like this before appearing for an audition or final recordings. 
  • Warm up before delivering your dialog in a shot. Rehearse your dialogs A/ Speaking in low and bass tone B/ Normal tonality C/ Higher tone (not shouting) and all 3 with slow and faster rhythm
  • If possible stop alcoholic drinks and especially smoking
  • Stay away from very cold things, beverages, aerated waters, chocolates, pickles, chilies and anything very sour. Chocolates, Toffees, and other paste-like things form a layer on your tonsils, exposing it to infections. If you eat occasionally do try to clear your throat and I hope you all brush your teeth before sleeping. Try to gargle your throat by Listerine or just by salt in warm water before going to bed every day. This would minimize any chances of infection while you are in your sleep. Do not shout, that make your vocal chords vibrate so harshly that can be damaged.

Listen carefully the quality of voice some of the Hollywood actors have developed
Amitabh Bachchan
Nana Patekar
Om Puri
Ajay Devgan
Suresh Oberoi
Amrish Puri
(Voice over artists)
Harish Bhimani
Amin Sayni

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