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Wannabe A Star in Bollywood? Learn These 12 Qualities of Great Stars

What makes a great actor and A STAR like Shah Rukh Khan or Kareena Kapoor Khan  or Johnny Depp? 

To be a successful in front of the camera or on stage and be a Star, one must possess certain skills.
Bollywood Stars-How being one?
Bollywood Stars-How being one?

12 of the qualities needed to be a Star in Bollywood or Hollywood

  1. Captivating and really moves an audience: A great actor is so convincing in a role that he can hold an audience captive and make them feel as if everything happening on a screen is true. They remember him/her name as that of character and not his/her real name. (Remembering “Chulbul Pandey” and not Salman Khan in “Dabang”)
  2. Charismatic: By working hard on his/her personality, develops a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others. Wherever he/she goes, radiates a charming and a fascinating figure with great appeal to everybody.
  3. Commitment: A great actor is committed to becoming the best actor he/she can be, as well as to working hard and accepting rejections and failures gracefully. This is especially true in the beginning of their career
  4. Never, never terrified: Always ready to take risks
  5. Solves problems and seeks solutions:  (Personal and those of others). Never takes a shelter of his/her problems for a failure.
  6. Emotionally vulnerable: It does not mean that the person is not stable, emotionally. A star has to be emotionally sensitive and respond accordingly to others. They do not suppress how they feel fearing some kind of loss. By hiding their emotions, they can never be comfortable and can never be a star!
  7. Authority and Confidence: A great actor is confident in his/her work and portrays that confidence both during a performance as well as in public to help create a rapport with the public. Everything he/she does, it is with certainty, with the decision, with clarity and economy of motion, Exercises authority-EVEN WRONG!
  8. No cheapness or shallowness: He/she is always polished. No cheap talks or jokes. They are always intelligent. Even while talking on a lighter side of life or cutting dirty jokes, they are graceful and amusing to others.
  9. Marketing and Public Relations: They develop these traits very effectively and use it successfully to remain on the top and as a star.
  10. Good Physical Skills: A great actor has skill in physical movement and is able to portray the movements of a variety of characters. Many actors also perform stunt work and complicated physical work.
  11. Respectful: A great actor works with a wide variety of people and is highly professional in all situations. A great actor shows tremendous respect to the craft, script, writers, directors, and all other key personnel involved in a production.
  12. Vanity:  Has some sense of excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements. This drives them to continue to improve and excel at the craft.

Additional Tips for aspiring actors


An actor must be flexible: With time, criticism and change

  • Time: If you want to be in the film, you'll be at rehearsal, no matter what time it is or what conflicts you have. You must be prepared for.
  • Criticism: As with an artisan's craft, constructive criticism is perhaps the most important facet of growth. You won't ever be a perfect actor, just like you'll never be a perfect writer, because these crafts require criticising to grow. When the director suggests you try a scene from a different viewpoint or in another way, you say, "Yes, sir." If you find fault with the director's suggestion, simply ask for clarity or say, "I can definitely try." Don't argue with the director. 
  • Change: The last type of flexibility an actor must work with is that of change. On a set, anything can happen.  Suddenly, a director may change your lines or change a schedule or may be, in certain rare cases, replace you with somebody else. In such cases you must be prepared and accept the change in a positive manner.
  • Professionalism:  An actor must be talented. Get a professional training either through a reputed school or from an acting coach. And remember, this training continues throughout your life.

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