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Be Stupid and Fail | 14 Reasons You Screwed Up Auditions

Reasons for failing in auditions
Reasons for failing in auditions

No matter how badly you may want the part, sometimes it just isn't meant to be yours. Don't take it to heart because there are many reasons why it has gone to somebody else.

You are late
You are late
Looking different than portfolio
Looking different than portfolio

What Could be the Reasons?

1. You are totally different in looks than what your portfolio shows

2. You showed up late and pissed off the Casting Director

3. Your accents are not what’s required by the character in a script

4. Your physical profile like height, posture, body type (thin, normal, overweight, etc.) doesn’t meet the requirement

5. Perhaps you have not come to terms with your type. This means you do not know what type of roles will suit you in terms of your physical built up and looks

6. You chose the completely wrong monologue

7. You showed up a little too much in costumes (overdressing for a character)

8. You went too far and tried to please CD

9. You were over talkative

10. Except reading your lines, you didn’t talk at all. No courtesies extended

11. You over-acted in portraying the character

12. They needed an actor with special skills like martial arts or knowing horse riding

13. Maybe you asked for higher payment for the role

14. You were good, but at the end of the day, the other actor was just better suited for the role. Nothing personal.

However, don’t worry and welcome failures as learning steps 

Don't look back. Just look to the future and smile

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