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How To Bomb Competition And Be A Legendary King Actor


Actor And Acting-How To Master Acting To Be A Legendary Actor

The growth as an actor and growth as a human being are similar(synonymous). The objective should be to learning with tools, professional training with the discipline to grow. Most importantly, To learn how to develop the limitless human imagination in their task of studying and bringing a script to life. Individual

The 4 Basics To Destroy Competition

1. Development Into A Bomb

An actor's talent is in him. He should discover, identify and learn how to develop it
To think them  and not on anybody's suggestion
Respect their own ideas and values(unique ideas which have been developed over an entire lifetime)
To be an independent and intelligent actor determined to train their mind, bodies, voice, and spirits to achieve their goals (Learn how to set goals)

2. The Lethal Weapon Of  Imagination

An actor's imaginations are the most powerful source to create even unimaginative.
To bring a film or a theater play and characters to life. the actor must be able to create from his own living experiences or by a considerable period of observation of anything he feels by his 5 senses(See, smell, taste, hear and touch). The classic example is of a great actor-Lee J Cobb.

3. The Ultimate Plan:  "And....Action!"

 Drama in a film or a theater depends on "Doing" rather than 'Saying' or Just 'Feeling'.
However, an actor's approach strongly depends on connecting these together by creating a drama(conflict) between him and other characters or with 'given circumstances' in a story. This drama should not be between his own various shades of life(Me and myself)  which may push him into an isolation in the story. These actions especially in for the camera should be subtle, creative and expressive (with eyes and face).

4. The Preperation: Script Interpretation

  • A story by a writer and recreated as a screen play for film or a script for a play once submitted is a unique object with its own life and has a tremendous potential to 'impact'on the minds of the audience.To play it is not in words but in you.
  • It's an actor's responsibility  to respect the script with deep and repeated readings, 
  • To know where the script is leading the character
  • Understanding  the character's environment(situation in a scene where the actor is performing)
  • Understanding changes in emotions, conflicts and rhythm and tempo
  • All of the above becomes easier if he has or developed the power of the imagination to incredible heights. 
  • Finally, for an actor to achieve a true excellence, a clear objective, resolution, determination, and sacrifice becomes essential

Inspired by an article from great acting teacher and author-Stella Adler 

My opinion
A Legendary Actor
A legendary actor is an individual that is worth remembering throughout years to come even after this actor has died. An actor who has attained this status leaves an unforgettable mark on others in some way. The actor's story is told over and over again and he or she is remembered throughout history. He or she leaves a morally based legacy for others to remember instead of anything of monetary value.
They Develop And Possess
Courage, will power, strength, wisdom and freedom, passion and positive attitude towards acting, more so towards life as well as with death, are all the qualities you need to strive for this unforgettable status in history. Have a warm heart, a broad mind, and an important mission to put all this in simple terms.
Do not mix this up with just becoming a famous actor. It is true that some famous actors are legendary, but other famous people may only have fame for a short time and for the wrong reasons

~Your Acting coach

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