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Shocking 7 Lies Some of the Bollywood Schools Teach

The world of Bollywood acting schools
Bollywood Acting Schools
You might have learned great lessons in film or theater school, but not every program prepares you for the realities of this industry called Bollywood

1. Go to every audition for everything—even if you are not right for the part, it is good for the Casting Director to see you.

A. He/ she may remember you for future, even if you are not selected for one.
B. You will learn the practical of auditions/camera acting
Trust us, the casting directors does not appreciate that even if it is an open audition call.

2. You need to learn how to perform in 10 different genres of monologues for films and theatre auditions.

Wrong! You need well-practiced, just 2 or 3 types of good monologues of different genre and one a mixed one, suiting to your profile. But if they want more, they will call you back and give you more lines (sides).

3. You can play a large age range.

No. If they want a 50-year-old, they will hire a near looking 50 year old.
(Exception: some like in serials, especially Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji productions where generations by generation’s actors are shown young)

They don’t need a 22-year-old for 50 years who can grow a nice beard.

4. It’s all about the craft (your great acting ability).

Not really— it’s about the craft when you are selected and giving your final “Take”get the job, but getting selected in auditions is about the business of a professional approach.

5. You should dress for auditions like the character you are auditioning. Or like as if you are going for a job interview.

Unless the role is for a businessman, you can always dress neatly in a Shirt and a Trouser / Salwar and Kurta. Avoid black or white top. The best is to ask about the dress when you get a called for an audition.

6. You need to mail your pictures and résumé to every Co ordinator, agent, manager, and Casting Director.

Yes, and you should also send Samosa or Batata Vada along with your resume so that they don’t dirty their fingers. Remember, if you send your pictures and resume without meeting them and knowing that they really need it, everything goes into the archives or dustbin. The best is to meet them personally and give your details if they need it

 7. And finally focusing too much on, like building a website, how to find a co-ordinator or agent, how to take great headshot and 50 different pictures, how to put a show-reel together, promoting yourself on social networking sites, etc.

You did learn how to act in every direction, just no one taught you how to be an actor.
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* Note:  However, there are some good schools Like NSD Delhi, FTII Pune and Berry John Acting Studio to name a few 

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