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Why Does Casting Directors Cast You for Bollywood?

On way to realze my Bollywood dreams
On way to realize my Bollywood dreams
Why do they cast you for a role in a Rs. 20 crores Bollywood film?

 The secret of success in Bollywood auditions

Let us count the ways. Is it only your awesome personality? Your having memorized your lines? Your fabulous new shoes or your jazzy dress from a top international brand? There are way too many external forces that enter into it. But in the end, it’s the undeniable talent and deeply connected but your own simple, creative and relevant performance that you bring into the casting room that matters most.


1. You're talented. 

Your talent is oozing out. Whether it is for the first time when you enter and give your introduction on camera, or shown through clips or show reel submitted, you've shown that over and over again. In a play, a short film, a guest role... Or any combo of the above.

2. You know somebody. 

Yes, that makes makes an impact. The good news is, you might know the casting director, the associate, the producer, director, writer… The more working relationships, you develop in the industry, the more likely you’ll keep working with your colleagues again. That said, you still have to bring your talent, preparation, and individuality into the casting room.

3. You’re “hot”. 

The moment you enter, they look at you with their jaws dropped and with eyebrows raised. "Wow!"- they speak in an unspoken voice. It doesn’t mean that you are the most beautiful girl or handsome man they have ever seen. No. It means that you are really attractive and eye catching. It means that you have really worked on your figure in a professional way..

4. You were prepared and professional. 

You’d done your homework and you made bold choices in performance—no excuses or apologies. It was clear that you gave your own interpretation of  the character and did not get lost in “pleasing them” or “anxious of doing the character right as per the books or what you learnt in an acting class.” They know that you can be on a shooting set and bring the same professionalism and preparedness..

5. You brought something new, fresh, and smart to them. 

Your choices were personal and alive. Not a typical class room stuff. You were bold enough to create the role and the scene so fully that it felt like they were hearing the material for the first time. And from then on, they never got anything close to from the other 100 guys who came after you.

6. Though you had a small role in an audition, you kept it simple, and you were alive in that one small moment. 

You understood that smaller roles are often there to move the story along. Wisely, you didn’t make it more than it was, but you did bring a specific life to that small role. And remember, in smaller roles, you’re often cast because you were “the guy or that woman.” (For example-that taxi driver, that hospital ward boy, that the housemaid, that nurse etc) Sometimes it’s as simple as that. You looked and felt right.

7. Your work moved them on an emotional level. 

The audition day for a casting director or a director is always stressful. It can be suddenly uplifted by your personal, courageous, and emotionally connected charm and performance you share with them.

8. They feel it was a joy to spend time with you. 

You brought your open heart, your vulnerability, and your love of the work in the casting room. You can see that they want to spend more time with you.
There are a whole bunch more reasons. There are no fixed rules. So many factors go into making a casting choice. And you have no control over most of this process. What you do have control over is the kind of performance you create in a casting room, the way you approach to a character assigned to you, and the joy you share in doing the work in the audition room. If you allow yourself to be fully present, bold, specific, emotionally engaged in your performance, everyone in the audition room will fall in love. You will be a champion.
And if it’s not this role, then another one. But you’re in their hearts and minds for good
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  1. Hello Mr. Kiran
    Great post.
    I would like to know from where I can get actor card which is gov. Approved ?? Moreover , how much it will cost as some says 1500 RS to 5000 RS .
    Also, is it acceptable everywhere ?

    I would really appreciate if you can guide me with this .

    Thanking You,
    Yours sincerely,
    Suman Vyas
    Khushi Vyas

    1. Khushi,
      The ID card issued by below mentioned association is perhaps more reliable and approved by the industry. I would suggest to visit personally and get all the details

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