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Guaranteed Entry! Follow These Golden Rules for Bollywood

Crowd for one of the auditions
Is it easy to get a Bollywood role?  Crowd for one of the auditions
Follow the golden rules

Your Instrument in top shape

1. Make yourself look HOT!
Build up your physique and leave the competition behind. This is in your hand and determination

  • Take care of your acting instrument and develop it by training regularly by-

A. How to use every part of your body e.g. Top of head, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, voice, neck, shoulders, hands and fingers for gestures, chest, waist, legs and walk
B. Mental faculties- sensitivity, emotions, logic, reactions, how to relieve tension by relaxation etc.

Ace Your Performance

2. About the fear of forgetting lines- Don’t worry. A retake can always be taken. The director wants just one good take. Learn new scientific and yogic memorizing techniques.

3. Be simple.

4. Don’t force a character on yourself. Find the character in you. Remember, a casting director (director) wants innovative reality and not artificiality in portraying the story’s character to bring originality and freshness.

5. Don’t worry about the quality of your performance. Just respond and start on “Action”

6. In front of a camera while giving a take, speak with authority, even wrong.

7. While performing, avoid uncertainty at any cost. It is a deadly sin.

8. Analyze script or lines and character carefully. Then develop your character.

9. While preparing character and performing, Take time (few seconds) to cross the bridge from-

A. Listening to responding
B. One subject to another. E.g. A shock followed by better news, a child falling, but not hurt

Winning Secrets

10. Aspiring actors! - Don’t believe everything is good and your dream will be fulfilled tomorrow. Test water before you jump to swim. Don’t trust industry people before a research and proper references.

11. Female aspiring actors! - Keep a logical closeness or distance from industry people. For girls, it is a fire. If you go too close you may burn and if too far you may freeze.

12. Develop a “Thick Skin” for living as an actor and climbing up to the top. This is absolutely necessary to bear rejections, disappointments, the bad behavior of others towards you etc.

13. Be an extrovert, shun shyness and develop a certain degree of “barge in” (just walk in attitude). This will help you in building social networking and meeting industry people. Remember, being a good actor is like a good product. People should know and use this good product or else the “product” fails. Avoid being “a diamond in the dust”!

14. Plan and arrange reasonable amount of money to fight long periods of inactivity and consequent financial instability

Final Rule

Good networking, personal contacts, learning auditions, hard work, perseverance and all other points mentioned above are necessary, but are not a substitute to an excellent acting ability of an actor. Therefore, you MUST go on training sharpening your talent….till you die!

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  1. Amazing pearls of wisdom!
    I would like to join your coaching immediately, irrespective of fee. I can pay any amount but just teach me.
    Jannifer Lakoin

    1. Jannifer,
      You can contact me on 9920991661 for booking your seat. However, please hurry up as I have only 2 or 3 seats per batch as I train on one on one basis and not in a class of 20 or 30 students like an acting school

  2. Sir,
    Is it possible to have 3 or 4 day workshop to learn and practice most of the points mentioned above?
    Arvind and Aarti
    Rohini, sector 5, Delhi

    1. Yes, we can tailor a workshop based on your needs which is decided after auditioning your strengths and weaknesses.
      Please read on right sidebar of the home page of this blog-"Fast Track 7 Steps Workshop For 100% Results"
      Contact us: 9920991661


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