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7 Bad Habits That Kill Your Looks As An Actor And Kill Career

The result of bad habits
The result of bad habits

Remember your entry into an audition room and how you look, contribute to 60% in grabbing the job

You might be spending a lot to add to your looks and being handsome or beautiful if you are a male or a female actor. But there are many bad habits which affect your face and overall health.

Here is the list of the most common terrible habits which might be damaging your skin and health.

1. Squeezing pimples

 Squeezing pimples

When you pop a pimple, clogged pore is burst open releasing bacteria. These bacteria come in contact with your rest of the skin and increase the acne. Moreover, the habit of squeezing pimples may also leave scars and pock marks. The best way to get rid of pimples is to use medicated/ antibacterial soap and let it heal itself.

2. Licking/ chewing your lips

chewing your lips

Chewing your lips make them even drier and chapped. It makes you lick and chew your lips more often. Excessive lip biting also results into bleeding and infection. To avoid this, get yourself a good lip balm and apply regularly to moisturize and protect your lips.

3. Nail biting

Nail biting

Nail biting result in ugly hands, fingers, and nails due to cuticle biting. It can also result in infections of nails, mouth, finger and dental problems affecting your smile too. Work with triggers to prevent these issues by yoga, manicure etc.

4. Smoking

Smoking affects your skin making it dry and rough. It decreases the blood flow to the skin and damages your collagen and elastic which result into saggy and loose skin. Quit smoking.

5. Sleeping with makeup on

Make up clog your skin pores and oil glands, making it difficult to breathe and prone to acne. To avoid this, spare some time before going to sleep to cleanse your makeup and moisturize the skin well.

6. Ignoring the sunscreen

Ignoring sunscreen

Ignoring sunscreen in summer is exposing your skin to UV rays. UV rays cause wrinkles and dry your skin giving you the older look. To protect your skin from UV rays, use sunscreen before half n hour of going out.

7. Inadequate sleep

Inadequate sleep releases the stress hormone in the body. It also ages your skin by decreasing collagen from skin. Hence try getting enough sleep.


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