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You're Screwing Career | Which Best Best Acting Style To Learn?

Confused Aspiring Actor
"I don't want to fail as an actor. Which acting technique to learn"?

Is learning acting necessary to become an actor?

I have some inborn acting talent as told by my parents. The why should I learn acting?  

I watched Shah Rukh Khan and confident I can be better. Can join Bollywood without training?

I'm from a lower middle-class family and can't afford acting schools in Delhi or in Mumbai. Is there a way out?

I recently quit an acting institute. They were sarcastic in front of other students who laughed. I found "Improvisation" a scene difficult. Can I learn at home?

I find acting techniques difficult. When I act a character, it looks and even I feel artificial. Is there a way to develop your own acting style

What’s The Cheapest and Absolute Best Acting Method?


In summary, 
  1. Learning acting will improve your selection chances and beat competition
  2. You can learn acting by picking up a particular acting technique suited best to you
  3. Yes, you can learn acting without large sum of money and at home
  4. You can develop your own acting technique for a truly creative and unique performance

What’s The Absolute Best Acting Method?

What Which And How?

Confused About Acting Techniques?

An actor is supposed to learn probably as many acting techniques as there are types of emotions ( 9 go 12?) an actor is required to display. Every actor is unique with his/her own archetype, with their "technique" usually a combination of their training and their experience. That being said, there are certain techniques that are devoted to the specific way of learning this unique art- individual processes developed over the years by acknowledged masters. Teachers such as Stanislavski, Chekov, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Hagen, Mamet, et al, have become the standards and are taught by most world's teachers and trainers of acting work.

This post will definitely help the actor choose a  method and style which appeals best to them. In our fierce struggle for becoming an actor, most of us don't have the time nor the funds to join acting schools like Whistling Woods Mumbai (9 Lakhs?) to learn acting.

What I suggest here is:

  • Buy acting books. Look at the left sidebar of this blog, select books and click. This will take you to https://amazon.in, then search with the names I have mentioned below and buy them one by one over the period.
  • Once you find the one that touches you deepest, practice, practice and practice at home, with friends or in front of a full-size mirror. Then find a good acting coach and take a short course or personalized workshop for maybe for 3 to 4days to correct and sharpen your acting talent and skills you have learned, practiced and helped to create your own

The 8 best I strongly recommend

The foundation of almost all world's acting training comes from the work of Konstantin Stanislavski and must be learned.

1. An actor prepares, Building a character, Creating a role, The magic if-Konstantin Stanislavski (You may buy one by one as per the sequence mentioned)

2. Lee Strasberg's Method Acting

3. The Stella Adler Technique - In your choice is your talent

4. Sanford Meisner - Acting is the reality of doing (My choice- very practical)

5. The Uta Hagen Technique

6. Michael Chekhov (My choice for those who can and have a great power of imagination)

7. Practical Aesthetics: David Mamet and William Macy (My choice-for higher level)

8. Bobby Lewis Technique

Obviously, there are other methods available for you to research. The ones I've chosen are those that I believe are most effective and most popular.

“Create your own method. Don’t depend slavishly on mine. Makeup something that will work for you! But keep breaking traditions, I beg you”~~Konstantin Stanislavski

I believe any technique which is comfortable and suited to you that gives you an opportunity to create your unique own:

  1. That has access to unrestrained imagination and creativity
  2. That raises your self-awareness
  3. That helps you build confidence and trust yourself works

Many a times students, especially from other cities of India without knowledge background have asked me:

"Sir, what is a "technique" in acting? This word is spoken and talked about frequently"

Well, here is my explanation- 

It’s something to help you move between where you are and where you want to be. Acting technique is something to employ when your current skills and abilities can’t get you at your destination.  The absolute best acting method is the one that does just that – it shortens the gap between your goal and where you are now. Between the Performance, you’re giving, and the performance you want.
The Method, Meisner Technique, Viewpoints, LeCoq, Grotowski, PEM, Practical Aesthetics, Suzuki, Mindset Acting Technique – it really doesn’t matter what you call it. It has to bring you the results you need.
Use anything that works, but do not hold it so tight that you would lose your flexibility, nor too loose that it would fly from your hand when tested.

To You, The Best

The author Kiran Pande

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