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14 Deadly Mistakes Actors to Avoid This Year

Actor Falling on Mistakes
Actor Falling on Deadly Mistakes 

The Banana Peal of Expensive Mistakes

Forget About Success in Bollywood or in TV Serials if You Make These Deadly Sins 

1. Just dreaming to be a star without knowing the film and TV industry, rules of the game.

2. Looking for someone who can get you entry into Bollywood and TV serials. Then falling prey to fraudsters and cheats, pay few thousand or lacs of rupees and be on the road. The girls eventually falling into a sex racket

3. Not interested in professional training by a good acting coach or a good school. Will pay large amonts to people who make bigger promises rather than for a training. No matter even if you fail in the auditions, you will continue to pass my time and money

4. You are a good looking hunk or a beautiful sexy girl. You got yourself trained also. And now, oh, yes, you are talented! You don't believe in preparation for auditions or for a shoot. Don't believe in memorization of your lines.You will do it at auditions or just before a shoot.

5. Getting angry on adverse comments and rejections.

6. Giving unnecessary your own opinion to the director or a cameraman during an audition or in a shot on how should you act in a scene.

7. Arguing with a director or with the crew.

8. Want attention and pampering as being done to a star on a set, though you are still a struggling actor.

9. Don't believe in working on your voice, diction, articulation and volume, though it may be poor in any of the fields.

10. Not bothered about camera, shots and camera angles. You think there is no need to waste your time for learning camera techniques. It's a cameraman's or a director's job.

11. While performing a character trying to mimic big stars in movies or TV thinking that you are a Salman Khan, Randhir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan or  Katrina Kaif. You are not bothered about the analysis of the character in a script and how to play that character keeping in view which of the character's traits match or don not match you.

12. While performing, always try to dominate your co-actors.

13. Do not believe in maintaining a discipline during a shoot or outside an audition room. Believe in gossiping, speaking loudly and talking when caution "Silence" or "Quite" is announced by AD.

14. Finally, you don't listen to other industry personnel, school teachers, acting coach or your well wishers. You don't like people "advising" you

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