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A Key to10 Secret Tips to be 100% a Bollywood Star

Key to clues for an actor's success
Key to clues for an actor's success

Here are Vital Tips from My Secret Chamber to Put You at The Top of Acting Game

1.  Watch Great International Actors

To become a better actor you must not only continue learning the craft of acting (which is a lifelong process), but observe celebrity actors known for memorable and award winning performance. Go to the theatre, watch films/TV programs that have your favorite actors in. Observe how they execute their craft. What can you learn from them? What are they doing that makes them an outstanding actor?
Warning: Don’t become a viewer getting involved in the story, but observe films as a critic and as a learner. One of the great ways is to switch off the volume and then observe their acting

2.  Give Your Best in Rehearsals

Bring as much to the rehearsal (If there is one) as you can including strong character choices, clear character intentions, ideas, and your prep work/research. This will help you hugely when in the rehearsal space and creating the world of the character with your fellow actors. If there are no rehearsals, then seek some time before a shoot with the director and show him/her.
Remember, anything you do repeatedly become a natural habit, good or bad!

3.  Have a Mentor or a Coach

Had lots of failures and are struggling to see how to find the success you desire? Having a mentor (acting coach) can really help you see outside your “pre-conceived idea” and find other ways to climb up the acting ladder of success. It doesn’t need to be someone who is a three time Filmfare or Oscar winner, but someone you believe and admire. You can seek solutions from such a coach before an audition or before a shoot (May be by paying a small fee), fix an appointment, practice and then go for your kill! Having a mentor can do wonders for your confidence and your career.

4.  Develop Your Observation and Imagination

As an actor, drawing upon our life experience is part and parcel of connecting to a role and injecting truth into it. It is ESSENTIAL you live a full life to do this. Take walks in the parks, stations, zoo, visit as many people as possible regularly and observe keenly everything about them. Try new experiences, visit new places, hear different genres of music… Be an imaginative actor and create new lives. Use your imagination and dream and create stories from your observations of people, animals, birds, nature etc.

5.  Improve Mental Health

Alongside working on honing your craft and audition technique, you also need to work on your mind. This is of utmost importance. Do you understand the limitations your mind places on situations? Do you understand why? How can you overcome this? Once you have cracked this (Ask your coach), you will free yourself, lose inhibitions and find you begin taking more risks and making clearer choices with your work. Even work on your mind, your mentor (coach) can help you.

6.  Analyze Script and Character

Very carefully read your script, perhaps many a times. Analyze the objective, changes and how it achieves the objective. Analyze your “character”. This contains all the clues you will ever need in creating your character. Go through it with a fine tooth comb to pull out all those gems the script writer has loaded it with.

7.  Build Contacts

As well as having talent and consistently honing your acting craft, you need to have a good, solid list of contacts and continue to build upon this. You can build up your network/contacts by really working on social networking sites like Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Attending film festivals, theater groups, workshops, meeting industry people will definitely expand your contacts and help to broaden your visibility to casting directors and others who matter to you.

8.  Read Books

If you say you’re an actor, be an actor. Read books on acting to hone your acting craft and read fictions which have conflict, suspense and intense emotions. Don’t just read, imagine scenes while reading and be a character in the story.

9.  Then Discover Who You Are

Write down your physical, mental, social and cultural profile. The best would be to seek help from your coach. Identify your flexible traits, emotions, attitudes, which you can easily change, matching that of a character. Then forget what you cannot. Just bring the character into you rather than trying desperately to be a character.

10.  Create your Character-Write Down

Do you document (Write down) your character while analyzing the script and character? This is a great way to stay on top of all the choices you make for your character. Of course, you have to create not one but maybe 2 or 3 choices of creating different profiles of your character. Just grab an A4 size paper, write anything that inspires you in the development of your character, this can include a back story, photos of their street, house etc.
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