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Read Accept And Change Or Piss Off | 10 Actor's Life Truths

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Are You A Struggling Actor? Not Yet made It As A Star?  Has A Hard Life?

Read below and embrace these facts on 'Life'. 
I guarantee, your embracing life truths will transform you to a relaxed but a rejuvenated fighter in pursuing your ultimate goal to stardom, sooner than expected.

Life, in general, more so of an actor is a beautiful experience, but sometimes it is hard. During those hard times, we often forget how awesome it is to experience this thing called 'life'.

Here are 10 amazing truths about actor's life that will change your life as an actor and as a human being for success, name, and fame.

1. Life is cyclic with up and down

Everything under the sun rises and falls. In fact, even the sun itself rises and falls every single day. After every fall there is a rise. When you accept this truth you don’t have to be discouraged when you inevitably experience a fall. You just have to wait for the tide to turn- and it will.

2. Life doesn’t judge you

Life is not judging you. It does not judge who you are. It does not judge what you’ve done. Life sees no faults. It loves you just as you are. Life only cares that you live it to its fullest and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

3. Life forgives you.

Sometimes we curse life. “F***K MY LIFE” may be a common slang, but life doesn’t hold a grudge. Whatever you’ve done or said against life isn’t held against you. Life is standing by waiting for you to change your mind. When you are ready to love your life again, life is ready to help you create a life you can love.

4. Life doesn’t believe in failure (or success for that matter).

We tend to think of life in terms of successes and failures. If I make a lot of money, marry an attractive spouse, and raise intelligent kids I am successful. If my house is in foreclosure, I get a divorce or raise a wayward child I have failed. Life doesn’t see events and circumstances in terms of successes and failures. Life believes in lessons learned and experiences that strengthen you. Life accepts that stuff happens, and no matter what happens, life is prepared to help you rebuild, change directions, and find fulfillment once again.

5. Life will give you things you never knew you wanted.

In my personal experience as an actor, life gave me the gift of traveling the world – from Asia to Europe to South America. I never knew how important it was for an actor experiencing new places was until I was gifted with the opportunity to do so. Then I realized a Life’s imagination is much bigger than my own (Actor's) imagination. Be ready to receive things you never knew you wanted but can’t live without. Life loves to give good gifts.

6. Life will make sure it is good in every evil.

When something bad is done to you, life will make sure you are repaid with good. When things go wrong there’s always something amazing that comes out of it. There’s always a silver lining whether it is a lesson from an audition failure, a new perspective, new direction or even a new friend.

7. Life rewards the apologetic.

I’ve heard it said that apologizing is one of the most difficult things for people to do. That is so unfortunate because saying “I’m sorry” can breathe new life into your relationships. It can offer a fresh start and a new slate. Life will help you start again, repair what’s been damaged and regain what’s been lost when you are brave enough to admit your faults and apologize.

8. Life honors the courageous.

When you take a chance on life, life takes a chance on you. When you’re brave enough to conquer life in ways that scare you, life shows you things you never knew existed. Life honors your courage with higher self-esteem, more confidence, better opportunities, increased joy and higher purpose.

9. Life believes in you.

Life believes that you are capable of so much. Life believes you are stronger than you know and can handle more than you think. Life wants to see you triumph. Life literally adores you.

10. Life is always a friend.

You can laugh with life, cry with life, and explore with life. You can tell life your deepest secrets, your wildest dreams, and your biggest fears. Life will listen. Life supports you. As long as you are breathing, life is by your side. Even when you’re not breathing, life is still on your side and life will remember you always.
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