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How to Avoid 4 Silly Mistakes During Auditions For Bollywood Films

What to remember for auditions
What to remember for auditions
There is a first time for everything, even for aspiring actors, including auditioning for a Bollywood film or a commercial. If you are new, here is some of my personal suggestions so you can feel more comfortable and give a great audition.

1. Don’t shake hands with the casting director

The casting directors are shaking hands with hundreds of actors on any given day. The last thing they want to do is shake hundreds of hands. You may feel inclined when you first walk into an audition room to introduce yourself, but train yourself to get rid of this habit. An audition isn’t like an office job interview where a firm handshake with eye contact is an integral part of the deal. When you enter the audition room, friendly confidence and eye contact is encouraged, but introducing yourself on camera is totally a different ball game. Just stand in front of the camera and start introducing yourself when a casting director calls “action” or “start”. 

2. Avoid lengthy and irrelevant introduction 

For auditions, you don’t need to tell who your co-ordinator is or from which school you learnt your professional acting or what role you’re reading for. They may have already that information, if you have given your resume. Even if you haven’t, let them ask you. Just say your name and your contact number. Then give your profile (Left and then Right). If you have to give a monologue, give it with confidence. This is not the time to give your life history, hobbies, likes and dislikes etc. However, do mention in brief, if you have done films, serials or print jobs.  

3. Silence your phone 

Treat the audition room like you would a doctor’s chamber or cinema hall. Make sure your phone is off before entering into A loud phone not only distracts you from doing the best job you can, it also distracts those in the room with you, which isn’t fair either. On a sudden sound of cell phone ring nerves can get in the way of your performance, so remember this simple tip even when you’re focusing on your lines.

4. Don’t wait too long or leave abruptly

Expecting a positive reply instantly the moment you finish? Waiting eagerly to hear “You are in” or “You are selected”? You are not yet a “STAR” to get that privilege. Do not stand there creating an embarrassing silence after finishing. Secondly, don’t leave abruptly without thanking everybody in the audition room. After finishing, wait for 5 seconds, smile, look at everybody and say thank you and then walk out gracefully.
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  1. Very nice post. About something simple we forget during audition. Please let me know if we should follow up a casting director and contact him, after audition?
    James Cort


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