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Which One Deserves To Become Bollywood Star? Not You

Can You Be A Bollywood Actor?
Can You Be A Bollywood Actor?

No you can't become a Bollywood Actor

Can I become a Bollywood actor?~Mohan

How to learn acting easily to become a Bollywood star?~Rita Ghosh

I have been cheated. Is there any safe way to become a Bollywood actor?~Suresh Agarwal

I lost a lot of money for my dream to become a Bollywood actor. No face to show to my parents. Help please~ Khalid Ansari


Guarantee to become a Bollywood actor

The Key Requirements To Become A Bollywood Actor

1. Learn the Art of Acting

You have to learn Art of Acting  Preferably From:

A. National School of Drama Delhi, or Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
B. Any well reputed acting training institute like Whistling  Woods Mumbai, Actor Prepares Mumbai.
However, If you are a beginner or even an experienced actor and want personal and private attention
The Best Option
C.   A private one on one acting coach

2. Learning acting and for hands-on experience join and start doing Theatre

Start the acting @ your college gathering or @ your area's Play/Drama Group
Note: Many actors in the industry are from the Theater
Don't Worry! If not handsome doesn't have good body or a hot looking girl
Each and every Type of artists) are required in this field. (e.g. Om Puri / Rajpal Yadav etc)
You can do it at home also - in front of the Mirror by reading and practicing from this blog!

3. Portfolio 

Make a Portfolio by the Professional Still Photographer
Artist card? If you want to be a good actor, a demand of an artist card may be a fraud. The card may be required only if you want to be just a worker in direction, production, cinematography or in a film-TV studio

4.  Which are essential promotional tools required

A. Video introduction, Show-reel or your own short film shot from mobile, Handycam
B. Your website
C. Resume

5. Register as an actor with 3 or 4 good artist coordinators and contact them regularly

6. Start your action

In the beginning, try to  enter
TV Serials / Live Shows / Movies / Short Films / Student films-from those learning Production or Direction from training institutes. anchoring, music or in dance videos, web series etc with the help of your artist coordinator
Try for Modelling with an Ad-Agency or in Fashion Shows!
(But for it you have to build a good physique & increase your Beauty ! )
May enter from the low-level job in any film TV department (production, direction, studio organizer or as an intern with any director as an A.D.), an Assistant of Cameraman / Lights man etc.
Even you can do the job of Tea-Boy / Spot-Boy also!
& You can't believe - "There would be So Many Friends - Actors/Actresses too - of the Tea-Boy !"

7. Accept any opportunity given

Do Any Given Roll - as an extra, no dialog roles, bad man, vamp, 2nd or 3rd villain, any character role
even as a single artist or in a group performance - either of a positive or negative Shade
Why? Because only Hero or Heroine is not a movie. It's work of maybe 100+ People

8. Apply for auditions which suit to your profile and type. There are many free audition and actors registration websites 

9. Meetings & Auditions

Try to meet with Producers / Directors or with the other film industry people -
Do the Meetings / Give the Auditions with your prepared promotional tools

Summary And Important F.A.Q Nobody Will Answer

What are the sure ways to become an actor?

Good looks and body
Learn professional acting
Excellent Hindi and good voice.
Speaking knowledge of English
Patience to struggle for the long periods
Money to live and maintain you for long
Thick skin. Ability ot accept rejections
Learn to market and promote your career. To be a businessman
Excellent networking ability- social media, directors, producers, artist coordinators etc

Which are the top acting schools in India?

Read this post which has the best names and contact

Good acting schools are expensive. Can I learn acting alone at home free?
Yes, of course!
Acting alone and practice
-Watch Yourself
-Film A Monologue
-Watch Others
-Spy on Strangers- Observe, Imagine new stories on them, Practice your script and the observed character

Nobody gives me the names and contacts of best casting directors. Can you?

Read this post which has the best names and contact

Which are the websites giving free info about auditions?

Here is the list of 9 websites

Who are the top Bollywood directors and production houses to contact?
Read this post and plan to call them regularly

What are the lessons we can take from the struggle of Bollywood stars?

Here are the shocking details of the struggle of Bollywood stars which will bring you down on ground from your dream

Do I really need an artist card? What's the truth?

Yes, if you want to be a worker in any of the film department like production. direction etc. NO, if you want to be an actor.

Good acting schools are expensive. Can I learn acting alone at home free?

Yes, You Can

Acting alone and practice
-Watch Yourself
-Film A Monologue
-Watch Others
-Spy on Strangers- Observe, Imagine new stories on them, Practice your script and the observed charact

Which are the best theater groups in India to learn acting free?

Here are the list and contact

Who are the best personal acting coach and select acting schools in India?

The names of good school and perhaps the only acting coach in India who teaches acting personally and individually

I'm a struggler since long. How to become a successful actor?

Here is the guaranteed way

Is it "Too Risky"?

Yes ! It is!


It's not easy and job security, You may have to struggle for years before establishing yourself as "a market actor" 

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