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Learn 6 Ways of Smart Actors to Market Career FREE

A cut-throat competition in actor's market for Bollywood and TV serials
A cut-throat competition in actor's market for Bollywood and TV serials

How to Market yourself as an actor FREE
How to Market yourself as an actor FREE

Yes, they are Smart and Successful Actors! Why? 

A. Because they listened 
B. They focused on a single factor; "how to get chances" rather than dreaming foolishly to be an actor and running from pillar to post without a solid strategy
C. They realized apart from an excellence in acting craft,  the success of this factor depends on their marketing strategies and promotion being acting a "Business"
D. They knew they didn't have lots of money and time enough and wait till eternity.

To be an actor is a business and any actor who doesn't realize this, irrespective of an excellence in the acting craft, will surely fail!

So, smart actors, when think about marketing, they usually see a most important sign 

Rupee sign
Or rather how to save it!

Sure, an essential tool like your headshots can be expensive, but once you have them, there’s plenty of ways to improve your actor marketing without spending a dime.
Actor marketing is defining who you are, building relationships with people interested in you, and convincing them you are the one they need.
If you’re dreaming and desperately want to be a Bollywood or a TV serial actor, and short of money, here are some inexpensive ways you can work on your actor marketing!

1. Be sure your portfolio photos are working for you, not against you.
Cost: Rs.0 to Rs. 5000 for 10

Many of aspiring actors spend a lot of money on headshots (Portfolio) where unfortunately though they look glamorous but not what truly they are. The result is obvious- they are selected for an initial audition based on the headshot, they are rejected because when they enter into the audition room, the casting director finds a different person than what he/she had seen in the photograph. It may be your face, hair style, profile, looks which probably had been altered in your headshot by a photographer to give you a glamorous look. The cost of such portfolio could be around Rs. 10,000. This is a waste of your money and definitely works against you
The solution: Get your pictures clicked to look what you exactly are-neat and simple and of good quality. Don’t give a shock to a casting director by looking different than your headshots. You even use your own cell phone which has a good camera.
Choosing your best looking shot is great if you want to get a date but, if you want to get a role in a film, choose a shot that reflects the roles you’re most castable as.

2.  Your résumé (Online and others)
Cost: Rs.0

Your résumé works for you to show people whether you have experience, do you have other talents like swimming, dancing, singing, martial arts, languages, accents etc. and whether you will fit into to be auditioned role.If your résumé looks sloppy and unprofessionalso do you! Check for typing errors, have a friend proofread it for you! Be sure to update your hard copy for auditions, the PDF on your website, and any casting sites you’re on!

3. Start a website!
Cost: Rs.0

Actors need a website that shows their marketing materials and links to all of their social media accounts. Don’t put off building your website because you can’t afford one.

You can set up a free on the following sites right NOW:

4. Market and promote yourself on social media accounts.
Cost: Rs.0

Do you have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, about.me  and looks professional?
Do they feature one headshot you chose to consistently promote your brand across platforms?
Do you have professional social media headers?
A compelling bio with keywords?
These things cost nothing and are necessary to effectively use social media to advance your career.
(Warning for Facebook: Don’t get fooled by “likes” by your friends. They are not casting people. You may get wrong signals and may get addicted to wasting your precious time on chatting and get foolishly self-elated. Instead a "profile", start a business “page”)

5. Build and Track your relationships.
Cost: Rs.0 (Except travel)

Remember, marketing is about building and nurturing relationships!

  • Identifying production houses, TV channels like sonny, star plus, casting directors, cinematographers and others related to the industry and running after them to submit your resume and headshots is a MUST. Read relevant posts on this subject from this blog
  • A follow up with a thank you mail, card, birthday or anniversary wish is always welcomed and help people to remember you among the countless crowd of aspiring actors. For email, it’s necessary that your email page is properly designed with your headshot and a great header which should remain constant.  You don’t need relationships with thousands of people for your career take off. Focus your marketing efforts of these people!

6. Expand your network of contacts.
Cost: Rs.0

Get off the couch or gossip corner and find a group of actor’s, casting directors, director’s hang out places in Mumbai or in your town and gate crash to network with! Become extrovert and aggressive if you want to be an actor! Read this post at: hangout places in Mumbai
Do you require lots of money for the above? NO
So, that money is no longer an excuse, get started!

Still confused?

(Author; Had been a marketing wizard for 30 years apart from an award winning actor, an acting coach and a short film maker)
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